We’ve Moved!

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We’ve developed our very own website at: http://www.syketek.netai.net. We hope to see you there!


SykeTek DRT33 Gas Mask

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The DRT33 Gas Mask: Now Available: http://tiny.cc/vmpju

Music: Benga – “Night”
Album: ‘Diary of an Afro Warrior’
Genre: Dubstep

New Eye-Wear Line Introduced!

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See these glasses here.

Due to the popularity of other nerd-style glasses I created, I decided to start a line of eyeglasses only (obviously in addition to other products). The “Nerds Glasses” are the most discovered of all my products:

SykeTek Future Nerds Glasses [Packaged] Times appeared in search: 1110


The New Marketplace

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Linden Labs is making the transfer to a new online marketplace. As such, all of my products have been moved there. In leu of reposting all the links to items in previous posts, please find my NEW store here:


This only pertains, of course, to my products. This blog is not going anywhere 😉

Thanks a lot!
~ Syke Voix

SykeTek Portable DJ Booth

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SykeTek Portable DJ Booth

See it here.

SykeTek Headphones [Gen. 1]

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SykeTek Headphones - Generation 1

See them here.

SYKOMM Communicator

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SYKOMM Communicator

See it here.